I am a skilled voice actor with a captivating and versatile voice. With a passion for bringing scripts to life, I have lent my talent to various projects, including meditations, commercials, video games, and audiobooks. I have the ability to deliver engaging performances makes me a sought-after voice actor in the industry.

Mindfullness Voice work

I have used mindfullness meditation for the past 11 years and found it has help me stay grounded, calm and build my resiliance.

As skilled voice actor with a passion for mindfulness meditation, I have put together some Mindfullness meditations.


I have a soothing and calming voice and bring mindfulness practices to life through my guided meditations.

My warm and gentle tone helps listeners relax, find inner peace, and cultivate a greater sense of awareness. I am dedicated to the craft and his understanding of the transformative power of mindfulness makes. I am a sought-after voice actor in the realm of meditation, providing a serene and tranquil experience for all who engage with his work.

You can here some examples of my work in the links below.

Please reach out to me if you have a particular script you would like help with. 

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